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Your little ones affirmations
inspiring our core values & pedagogy

I Am

part of a family.


"I AM heard"

Active Learner

It is our desire to raise competent communicators & children who are active participants in their own learning journey.


"I AM empowered"

Earth Friend

Fostering a sense of self on Earth is a crucial part of childhood. We do this by engaging children in nature & their community.


"I AM myself"

The Child

The child is at the centre of our ethos, pedagogy & curriculum & guides of all of our decision making. 


"I AM nurtured"

Happy Body

With a holistic approach to teaching we focus our attention on the whole child; the mind, the body and the soul.


"I AM inspired"

Make Believer

At the heart of our spiritual learning is a yearning for expression, creativity & the magic of believing anything is possible.


"I AM part of a family"


We pride ourselves on creating a home from home where our children and team can feel safe, confident and able to flourish.

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Our Very Own Pedagogy

We have worked hard year on year to understand what makes our practice special and to identify our main areas of intent and implementation.


We have created our own framework which contains the basis for what we believe are the four key elements to nurturing our children's future life script; an active learner, a happy body, a make believer and an earth friend.


We call this our pedagogy.

Your Child at the heart of what we do.

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Our Sustainability Pledge

Eco Schools England

We have the great responsibility of nurturing the minds of the next generation; tomorrow’s movers & shakers. It is our duty to instil in children, at the earliest opportunity, an enthusiasm for caring about our planet & all of its inhabitants. Sustainability is an integral part of our curriculum, the Eco-Schools programme provides a unique opportunity that empowers our children to lead change within our setting & have a positive impact in our wider community.


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