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Congratulations Aunty Enya

We have news!

You may have seen Enya (our Setting Manager and Director of Education) popping up at some key industry events in recent months and years. Leading seminars, joining forums and contributing to panels; even featuring in the EYE, as well as Nursery World Magazine’s Forest School edition and blog.

Now she is part of a new and exciting project, having been appointed to the Editorial Board of Early Years Educator (EYE) Magazine!

This is a wonderful opportunity as Enya joins some of the sector’s most prominent advocates and thought leaders. The Board supports the Editor, Angelica, with whom we have been fortunate enough to work with previously.

As part of the Editorial Board, Enya will be able to offer her input and collaborate with her peers as they openly discuss and challenge ideas, ensuring the content produced is truly representative of and relevant to the Early Years educators it informs.

The Editorial Board are thoroughly engaged and proactive with their roles, offering real support and guidance. Each member - including our very own Enya - is an expert in their field and dedicated to bringing fresh ideas and new perspectives to practitioners and Early Years professionals.

So far, Enya has consulted on a number of topics, including the importance of and opportunities in Outdoor Play and Characteristics of Effective Learning; both of which are close to her heart and key elements that make Enya’s stand out as a setting.

We could not be more proud of Enya for not only continuing to evolve our setting and provide our little ones with the very best learning experience, but also for her trailblazing; taking on new challenges and sharing her immense well of knowledge with others, in a bid to help reform Early Years Education as we know it.

Keep an eye out (pun intended) for more from Enya as part of the EYE Editorial Board, alongside other exciting projects!

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