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When it became apparent that there is very little support or groups for home-ed families within our local area, we felt it was time to change this. We are strong advocates of home schooling and all the benefits it has to offer, so our aim is to help make this more accessible and inclusive for the families within our community.


With this in mind, we are now offering a learning space for families who have chosen to home educate or flexi-school. These sessions are held in our cosy summer house and outdoor classroom three times a week.


Hosted by Enya, parents and children will have the chance to orchestrate their own hands on, creative learning, play and exploration with the facilities provided. Enya can advise on how to scaffold personal or collaborative learning opportunities that are child and interest led and covering topics democratically chosen by the children themselves. a

home educator.

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A complete handbook with information on what to expect, session times, fees and FAQ's.

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