Bus Trip

On our morning walk around Crowland today, the children spotted several buses. They were very excited and would call out "big bus!" We asked the children whether they had been on a bus before a few of them said no, so we thought what a perfect opportunity to share an new experience.

We waited at the bus stop, bought a return ticket to Spalding and got seated all together at the back of the bus. Throughout our trip we explained to the children what we were doing and making an every day event as fun as possible. We sang "The wheels on the bus" and counted each time we saw a tractor working in the field. We talked about all the different colours we could see and even talked about what we could smell. Once we reached the city centre some of the children told us "petrol" when we drove passed the petrol station and "shopping" when we saw the supermarkets and people with their trolleys. At the end of our route, they pushed the button to tell the driver to stop for us and all the children were excited at the sound of the bell.

During lunchtime the children eagerly retold their bus journey to Uncle Arron remembering all these little details. A really lovely outing!

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