Eco Committee

Green Flag Award Holders

The Eco-Schools programme provides a unique opportunity that empowers our children in both preschool and the after school club to lead change within our setting and have a positive impact in our wider community. The programme encourages our children of all ages and abilities to work together to develop their knowledge and environmental awareness. Independent research into the Eco-Schools programme in England found evidence of the positive impacts on children, including increased confidence, development of leaderships skills, improved well-being and behaviour and greater motivation for learning. Eco-Schools is a global initiative! We couldn’t be more excited that our little ones will join millions of children across 64 countries in creating change for the benefit of future generations!


We are incredibly proud to have both our preschoolers and 'after school' children take the lead in our Eco Committee. This is no small feat; not only are they responsible for educating themselves and others in greener, cleaner, and kinder practices, but they are responsible for ensuring that we all take note of our actions and the impact they have on the world. They discuss and implement new ways to make the setting kinder to the environment, with ideas ranging from recycling bins, litter picks and bug hotels to eco bricks, awareness marches and even asking us to replace faux hanging baskets with real ones! With a motto like “we are green, we keep the earth clean” you know they mean business, and with the help of our amazing and dedicated Eco Committee, all of the children and adults at Enya’s are great at being green.


Eco Committee duties:

  • Reminding every one to recycle

  • Demonstrating the recycling station to younger friends 

  • Making sure taps are turned off

  • Remembering to water the indoor and outdoor plants

  • Saving energy by ensuring lights and electrical items are turned off when not in use

  • Encouraging friends to use both sides of the paper

  • Regular litter picking within the local community

  • Suggesting different environmental causes that we can support

  • Responsible for taking waste food after dinner to the compost bin

  • Eco committee updates during circle time once a week

  • Creating an Eco-Code and an Eco-Committee notice board

  • 'Choose to refuse' plastic motto

  • Collection point for crisp packet recycling with Terracycle

  • Collection point for baby food pouches and wrappers recycling with Terracycle

  • Thinking of new ways that we can be more Green!

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