4-11 years old


Early Bird:

7:30 - 8:00 (0.5 hours)  

Breakfast Club and School Drop Off:

8:00 - 9:00 (1 hour) 

Afternoon Club and School Pick Up:

15:00 - 18:00 (3 hours) 

Session Times

We believe in the older children mixing in with our preschoolers as an opportunity to learn from each other, however we commit ourselves to producing separate age appropriate planning and activities. 

We invite the children to go on regular trips and outings. We will also have club visitors such as local emergency services and dance groups. We aim to create a fun and stimulating experience.

From these themes the children can take part in activities such as talent shows, colouring competitions, planting vegetables and more. Enya’s Childcare also brings in visitors from the local community to help widen the children’s knowledge of the area in which they live. Some children, however just like to relax after school and do not want to join in with group activities. There is always alternative  options for these children. Some enjoy reading books whilst others enjoy independent play such as hama beads and working on a long term project. What ever your child’s needs on any particular day, we aim to meet them fully.


We have a buddy system in our provision and we encourage the older children to be buddies for younger children and also new children. This reinforces making relationships, kindness and interaction.

Our Weekly Plan


The weekly plan, 5 themes:


  •       Monday - Games, Culture & Community

  •       Tuesday - Creative Art & Expression

  •       Wednesday - Gardening & Baking

  •       Thursday - Performing Arts & Movie Making

  •       Friday - Sports & Exercise